University Advancement Centre

Advancement Centre has multidisciplinary role to attract necessary teaching, learning, research and infrastructural facilities to the University through fundraising, alumni relations, collaborations and partnerships.

The Centre discharges its duties consecutively, effectively and efficiently. Besides that, it is a professional job that requires professional training and vast experience before a success can be achieved. The details of the job description for the Office are as follows:


  • To map out strategies for fund raising to meet the needs of the University on development projects and equipment procurement;
  • Create a solid/robust database of individuals, corporate organizations, NGOs, etc that could be approached by the University for assistance in funding specific projects;
  • Liaise with such individuals and organizations with a view to cultivating them for assistance for development programmes in the University;
  • Gather information on development related matters as it affects the University and present such information to the Vice-chancellor from time to time and
  • Liaise with appropriate organs of the University on development matters.

  • To serve as a link between the University and its alumni;
  • Create a database for the University on its alumni and provide information as and when necessary or required by the University or its Alumni Association;
  • Facilitate the activities of the Alumni Association and encourage the establishment of more branches all over the federation and abroad;
  • Monitor and keep abreast of the activities of Alumni Association and channel them towards the development of the University;
  • Provide necessary information to the Alumni Association on the development activities of the University and seek their support as may be required from time to time;
  • Liaise with the national headquarters of the Alumni Association as well as its local branches nationwide from time to time and visit their officers as may be required or necessary and;
  • Map out strategies for raising funds through Alumni Association for the development and projects in the University.
  • These are structured under three (3) main activities:

  • Fundraising
  • Alumni Relations
  • Alumni Based Partnerships and Collaborations
  • The centre has several programmes under each activity designed to aid in the achievement of their aim and the general purpose of the centre at large.

    1. Fundraising

    • The “Meet and Greet” Programme
    • Advancement Lecture
    • Tree Planting Programme
    • Cultivation of Prospective Donors
    • Stewardship

    2. Alumni Relations

    • FUTA Alumni-In-Diaspora Re-Union
    • Alumni Hall of Fame
    • Alumni Convention
    • Alumni Elections
    • Link between the University and Alumni

    3. Alumni Based Partnerships and Collaborations

    Memorandum of Understanding with Institutions, Industries, as well as Foundations that are Alumni based.